Since the start of this summer season, different players continue to step up and make game-changing plays. One of those players being Alex Wattermann; a sophomore from Savage, MN. 

When asked what it’s like to work with players like Wattermann, Coach Paulsen responded, “It is always special to work with a player like Alex. He is a true professional and comes to work everyday ready to get better.”

Not only is Alex known for his talent, but also  his deep love of the game. According to Wattermann, he’s been playing since he was 4 years old and spends his school year playing for University of Minnesota Duluth. “Signing my national letter of intent to the University of Minnesota Duluth was a milestone that impacted me greatly,” he says. “It was so important because this let me continue my baseball career for 4 more years” 

A player like Alex Wattermann is an athlete to be celebrated because he shows up every day trying to make a positive difference, not only for himself but for everyone around him. “He’s a Gamer,” Coach Pauslen said. “I chose that word because that is exactly what he is. He is such a competitor and will do whatever it takes for his team to win.” 

To say that Alex is excited about where he is in life is an understatement, “I get to play baseball for the whole summer!” he says with infectious optimism. “I get to meet lots of great guys from all over the country, and get the experience of living with a host family–who are the nicest people in the world.” 

While he is excited to see how far he and his team can go this season, Alex understands how to keep this amazing experience in perspective, “I really enjoy all of the support from fans at the games. It’s truly a great experience to play for the Gems this summer.”

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